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Make millions On the Next real estate melt down

Make millions On the Next real estate melt down
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This Search Engine for Real Estate Investors & Wholesalers

Share Deals With Investors and Money Partners

Share links to the deals in your BirdDogBot account with others and hide specific details about a property so they can't steal the information.

Build a Buyers List

Build a massive list of buyers using our optional lead capture form when sharing your deals so you can acquire and sell properties fast. (Investor Edition and above only).

Secure Access To Your Private Deal Data

All your deals are kept confidential so any deals you find are NOT available to other BirdDogBot users.

Access Your Deals Anywhere

Your deals are just a click or a tap away with our mobile-friendly web interfac

Sends The Best Deals To My Inbox Daily
It's Totally Automated, Really Fast, And Super-Easy To Use!

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